10 Nov 2010

GameHouse Chainz

Chainz is a catchy puzzle game that spins the pattern-matching formula of Bejeweled in a new way, challenging you to link together color-coded chain pieces by rotating them to line up in a row. The chains then break apart, earning you points and causing more chain links to drop down from the top of the field. The game is easy to pick up, but the stages grow more complicated the further in you go, and you're given the option to start at a later level if you want a greater challenge. Immovable chain pieces, Scrabble-style score multipliers, and bonus pieces that spell "Chainz" are some of the different types of things you'll see scattered around the game's attractive, colorful board. The audio can get a little grating, with the constant sound of chain pieces falling and snapping apart, as well as the infectiously peppy jazz soundtrack, but it does fit well. Chainz also offers two modes of play, one that lets you keep going at your own pace until you run out of possible moves, and another faster-paced and much tougher mode that makes you bust up chains against the clock.

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