25 Nov 2010

Virtual Family

Have you ever been in the situation where you have given advice to a friend, family member or someone else in your life and they never heeded the advice? Of course, you thought you were leading them in the right direction. Well, if you have been there and really who hasn’t, Virtual families is the game for you. Players are able to raise a virtual family and give as much advice as they would like. Really, the entire game is about giving “advice” and leading your virtual friend to a great life.  

The game starts and players pick their virtual friend. The virtual people are all different and have their likes and dislikes. Some want to start families and others don’t want anything to do with children. Players can scroll through the different virtual people and pick the one they like the most. Once the person is chosen, life begins.

The virutal friend needs to be instructed on certain things, such as picking up the house and doing the dishes. The virtual person will wander around the house entertaining themselves, but need to be instructed to do things. There is a status bar on the bottom of the screen that gives players a clue to what their virtual friend is thinking. The status bar will give players a clue on what to do. If the status bar says tired, it is safe to say your virtual friend wants to sleep. Picking up your person and putting them in the bedroom will cause them to see the bed and go to sleep.

The virtual person will wander around the house and outside, but to get them to do a specific action players have to pick them up and move them to the action. For example, if the trash needs to be taken out, the player picks up the virtual person and places them down by the trash can. The virtual person will then proceed to empty the trash or perform the action that needs performing.

It is not all fun and games for the virtual people, they need to work too. Players have to encourage their virtual friend to go to work by “bringing” them to thier place of work. Their place of work is either the computer room, the kitchen or the workshop. The place of work depends on the profession. The profession is found by clicking on the details button. If the virtual person is a soup creator, then their work place is, obviously, the kitchen. The virtual person goes to work and when they are done working will get money. The catch is beginners don’t always complete the work process. They mess up and they don’t get paid.

The money earned from working can be spent at the store. The store has all types of items from groceries to home improvements. Anything you need for your new virtual friend can be found in the store.
The graphics are really nice looking, but the person is a bit awkward. The person looks like a person, but when he or she walks, their head turns in an unnatural way. Not a huge deal, just something that is noticeable. The rooms all resemble real rooms and it is easy to distinguish the types of rooms. In other words, the bathrooms look like bathrooms, the bedrooms look like bedrooms and so on.

The goal of the game is to raise a virtual family and families can’t be made without two people that are willing to have children together. Players have to find their virtual friends a mate, but it can’t just be any mate. The mate has to have similar interests and want the same thing. It won’t do anyone any good to match a person that wants kids with someone that does not have any interest in having children.

Virtual Families is an entertaining game for the right person. Players have to raise virtual families and it can be just as daunting to raise a virtual family as it can be to raise a real life family. There may be people that don’t want to escape real life by playing it in a video game. That being said, the game is fun and intriguing. There are aspects of the game that make you want to keep playing to figure out what is going to happen next. Not to mention the game operates on real time, which means it will continue even if you are not playing the game. Something to keep in mind. If you are looking for a fun game that simulates real life, then you can’t go wrong with Virtual Families.

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